Started years back Pixxel Tech formally known as Urbonic Graphics was created as part of a service to our website clients. We found that not all companies work the way we do so we started the company to make life easier for our customers. Making sure we have only the best products and support our company started growing very quickly. The company was started by MR JF Senekal as part of a brand that has finally started to grow during the years as one brand... The PIXXEL brand.

Our mission is to create a one-stop-shop for anyone that has the need to grow there business or enjoy our tech products. Pixxel Tech as part of the PIXXEL brand that consists of three companies altogether. Pixxel Tech, Pixxel Studio and Pixxel Host works together as one company that serves South Africa with professional services and products. We want to make life easier for our customers and this is our main mission.

2000+ Products 

9000+ Sales

6000+ Customers

Our Products


Why our products?

Our product qaulity has helped us grow into one of the best online tech companies in South Africa. We supply only trusted top quality products from name brands all over the world. Our products all have full warranties and we sell only the best.

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