Foxxray Equake Gaming Headset


USB Gaming Headset with 7.1 Channels and Bass Booster

This Noise Cancelling Headset has headphones that are completely padded with comfortable leather to cover the entire ear and has 7.1 virtual sound channels with a Bass booster… which speaks volumes to many gamers out there. It has colourful LED light glow and is powered through a durable cable that has a gold plated USB connector at the end.

-7.1 Channels
-Bass Enhancement controller
-Software Equalizer
-50mm Dynamic driver unit
-Built in RGB LED glows
-Large sound control box with microphone switch, volume knob and a light switch

-High Quality reproduction of sound by 50mm dynamic stereo driver unit.
-Built in audio chip creates a Virtual 7.1 channel surround effect, it delivers a detailed sound field that let you hear your enemies before they see you to experience gaming sound that is close to reality.
-The proprietary software provides a variety of sound EQ settings.
-Precise positioning and high-resolution closed headphones.
-Large leather ear cups provide the comforts for a long time wear and isolate background noise.
-3D-winged supporting headband provides comfort for a long time wear with low pressure on the ear.
-Large controller on the cable to control volume, microphone and on/off of light
-Built-in RGB LED glows

What’s in the box
1 x FXR-SAU-17 E Quake Gaming Headset