Remax Bluetooth Speaker – Red


Bluetooth Smart Memory Pairing to quickly pair devices.

Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker RB-M21

RB-M21 using environmental protection, high quality ABS material to build the main body, with the audio nylon net surface material to cover 97% of the appearance, co-operate with CD grain metal plate diaphragm.
Appearance is delicate and elegant.

Wireless Bluetooth Smart Memor Pairing
Using Bluetooth 4.2 chip, lossless transmission audio source, automatic identification of matched devices, intelligent fas connection

True Wireless Stereo (TWS)
The singe use of RB-M21 is an all-frequency sound system. When take on 2x RB-M21, the TWS program automatically connects two speakers, and automatically distinguishes the left and right channels to achieve the effect of stereo.

Waterproof rating: IPX5

FM Radio Frequency Tuning
RB-M21 built-in magnetic rod FPC antenna, optimised signal receiving circuit, enhanced signal access, and effectively filtered “fake radio”.